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Dear Friends,
As rock-climbers, we are always in the process of challenging our limits and that

carries a significant risk with it.


allied petzel bjcm
Website: Contact: +91 94220 28015

Project Name:-Nagphani/Dukes Nose(Lonavala)

Project Dates:13th to 17th January 2006

Sponsered By: Safe Climbing Initiative

How to reach:Distance from Pune to Lonavala is 64 KM, From Lonavala reach to village Kuruvande(5 KM). Around 45 minute walk from Kuruvande takes you to the top of Duke's Nose or Middle Gully from where the actual climb of upper 300 feet starts

Tech Details: Total Climbing height of Duke's Nose is 800 feet, However it can be divided into two parts like lower 500 feet and upper 300 feet. Upper 300 feet climbing level is difficult and lower section climbing grade is moderate. Total 100 bolts are placed by Safe Climbing Initiative.


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