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Dear Friends,
As rock-climbers, we are always in the process of challenging our limits and that

carries a significant risk with it.


allied petzel bjcm
Website:  Contact: +91 94220 28015

About us

Safe Climbing Initiative(SCI) is a NGO working for the establishment of safe climbing environment since 2002 and got registered in 2007 at Pune Charitable Commissioner as per Bombay Charitable Trust Act with a registration no. MAH/294/2007/PUNE, Safe Climbing Initiative is the first and only social organization in India which works for climbing safety.

The main objective of SCI is to spread the climbing safety awareness amongst Adventure lovers and Climbers. In Western Ghats the climbing routes have become dangerous due to old bolts (anchors) which are now rusted and may break away at any time resulting in a serious accident. Although many climbers know about this grave situation, the young generation still risks the climb for sheer feel of adventure. In order to give them a safe environment and to create awareness about climbing safety, Safe Climbing Initiative has taken an initiation to replace the old rusted bolts with the tested steel-chemical bolts which has a breaking strength of more than 3000 KG and life of these bolt are more than 50 years. This extended lifespan of these bolts make the rock safe in terms of ecological/environmental aspects as new bolts will not be driven for next 50 years.

The founder members of the given organization are eminent people of the society and active in their respective fields. It has got international support from German alpine club through its eminent member Mr. Nicholas Mailander. He is a renowned climber and his importance has been acknowledged by United International Alpine Association (UIAA), an international body for observing standards in the field of mountaineering. Safe Climbing Initiative also has support from people like Brig. Ashok Abbey who himself has accomplished more than 40 expeditions in Himalaya and numerous climbing activities in Indian Army, he was the Principal of Nehru Institute of Mountaineering which is one of the most respected Mountaineering Institute worldwide.

Since its establishment, Safe Climbing Initiative has successfully replaced bolts at several different parts of Western Ghats which includes - Dukes Nose (Lonavala), Dhak-Bahiri Cave and pinnacle (Kamshet), Telbaila rock wall(Lonavala), Vanarlingi pinnacle (Junnar), Vajir pinnacle (Mahuli range, Mumbai), Lingana pinnacle , Bhairavgad rock wall with traditional route (Malshej), Nanacha Angatha (Malshej), Pahine Nawara ,Pahine Nawari , Sunday1 and Anjaneri Nawara. At completion of every project, media has given a proper attention and supported the cause. Also, there are many expert and experienced climbers supporting the cause for betterment of rock climbing and clean environment. Each anchor replacement projects was accomplished by SCI along with one trekking or climbing club, so till now SCI has jointly worked with clubs like Vedh Sahyadri Trekking Club, B. J. Medical College Mountaineering Academy, Giridarshan Trekking Club (GTC), Sagarmatha Giryarohan Sanstha, Sahyadri Trekkers , Durgpremi Giribhraman Sanstha and Trek Roots Pune. The purpose behind taking these clubs together is to reach not only to more and more trekkers, climbers and mountaineers but also to the more and more people to spread importance of the safety.

Besides replacement of bolts SCI also has organized other safety related events like GPS training camp, First Aid training and training about the safety techniques for the climbing equipment handling and care. These training programs not only create safety awareness in people but also assist the participants in wilderness survival and in mountain rescue activities in case of an accident.
We request you to extend your helping hand and make the most of this opportunity to make climbing safe for generations to come.

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