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Dear Friends,

As rock-climbers, we are always in the process of challenging our

limits and that carries a significant risk with it.



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Website:  Contact: +91 94220 28015

Founder Nicholas Mailander Says

Dear Adventure lovers,

As rock-climbers, we are always in the process of challenging our limits and that carries a significant risk with it. We all know that it is not a mad adrenaline rush but a calculated effort to see how far and in this case how high human perseverance can go. Before each and every expedition, we perform risk assessment and the safety of a climber is the main priority. Safety begins from basic and what is more basic to climbing is the bolts we use to hang our lives onto. But are these bolts really reliable? Can we trust them with our lives? Because for all we know, they have been there for years and none of us has ever bothered to examine their strength. Now the time has come to return to the basics and reform the very foundation on which the whole of climbing community relies upon. We are very happy to tell you that this responsibility is now being shouldered by the SCI Safe Climbing Initiative.

SCI is neither a club nor a commercial organization but a group of adventure lovers who are motivated for the safety in rock climbing. However, we got a staggering report saying that those bolts are not even reliable to hang a camera. After a lot of brainstorming, we came up with a solution to be our best chance for perfectly safe climbing.

MGB (Mahatma Gandhi Bolts), superior bolts made of material tested for their breaking strength of above 3000kg. These bolts are 18mm wide and 90mm long compared to tiny little bolts which are currently in use. Using the Fischer Chemical hardener, we could fix the bolt in merely 10 minutes in the rock. Life of these bolts is predicted to be approx. minimum 50 yrs. With so many advantages all that are left there for us to do is to install them as early as possible on all traditional climbing & trekking routes of Sahyadri.

Now as simple as it may sound, our previous experiences suggest, it is not. An undertaking like this requires enormous efforts and expenses. At SCI, we require your help on both fronts, manpower as well as finance. On any given project, SCI will bear the bolting expenses which cover the cost of bolt, chemical tubes, drills, drill machines, batteries, chargers, etc. When you come on board on a project, we expect you to cover general expenses such as food, transport, stay and few miscellaneous things along with manpower. In return you will get first hand experience of climbing safety and the right to media coverage and publicity.

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